Services we offer

In assisting you to concentrate on your core business LHSB can offer the following Facilities Management services. Contact us for a detailed discussion.

  • Facilites Management Strategy

    Aims and Objectives.

    • To ensure the client receives high quality, value for money and customer focused Facilities Management
    • To support the clients aims in developing, achieving their Facilities Management strategy for the overall Facilities Management.
    • To assist the client in resolving key challenges in future strategies.
  • Facilites Management

    LHSB recognise in a financially demanding market there is a requirement to assist our clients maximise performance and efficiency by providing effective consultancy. The results are achieved by:
    Reviewing operational costs against the output specification, service level agreement or Facilities Management Agreement. Ensure best value, quality of service and industry standard compliance is achieved by service reviews, supply chain review and audit.

  • Facilites Management Reviews

    LHSB are experienced in conducting Facilities Management Reviews, we understand the demands on the Facilities Management teams and can offer independent advice.

    • Review both out sourced and direct delivery TFM.
    • Analyse the margins between income and expenditure.
    • Ensure the supply chain are contractually compliant.
    • Review operational structures, experienced in restructuring and optimising profit.
  • Mobilisation

    At LHSB we have a vast amount of experiencing mobilising Facilities Management contracts within the Public and Private Sector both new business and re-tender wins. We apply Prince2 project management whilst aligning these plans with the operational demands on the business. We underpin all projects with the principles of change management and influence.

    Specialising in PFI, LIFT and multi national portfolios.

  • Change Management

    Organisations are subject to change with structures modified and breakthroughs in technology, the force of change impacts on the Facilities Teams and all those stakeholders affected. At LHSB we can assist the client with the transition of change. Change cannot be 'sold' into an organisation, change is unsettling the key principles include, communication, invoke, enable and facilitate involvement from all who are affected.

    1. Understanding and advising on the Human Impact.
    2. Evaluating the barriers to change.
    3. Managing expectations.
    4. Effective communication.
    5. Who is affected by the change and expected reactions.
    6. LHSB has considerable experience in managing the effects of acquisitions and TUPE on the employees using a humanistic approach to effectively support the organisations objectives.

  • Tender Management

    Tender Management can a time consuming exercise creating disruption to the Facilities teams. At LHSB we can provide:

    An evaluation of the current supply chain against SLA and contractual agreements.

    Analyse the market and provide advice on the 'best solution' for procured services.

    Independent, transparent supply chain selection.

    Effective communication to ensure all 'stakeholders' are included in the selection process and contract award.

    Audit review and procurement management post tender award.

    Effective negotiation to achieve VFM.

    Develop Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators to facilitate a standard operational platform.

  • Health and Safety

    LHSB work with in conjunction with WatsonWild & Baker Ltd.

    Watson Wild & Baker is an independent consultancy offering occupational hygiene, workplace ergonomics, health and safety, and expert witness services.

    Watson Wild & Baker

Our Mission

To provide the 'best in class'

Facilities Management consultancy service in the Public and Private Sector. To ensure the stakeholders receive an independent, transparent and innovative service. We are passionate about Facilities Management and will engage with each and every client to deliver true quality.

Our Vision

To be diverse in our approach.

Embrace sustainability, quality of service and growth. Deliver value for money whilst maximising short, medium and long term returns. Demonstrate courage and challenge every aspect to achieve a truly effective service.

Why Choose Us

Our Facilities Management Consultancy is completely independent and can provide a comprehensive, confidential and transparent service within the Public and Private Sector. We have a wealth of experience working with multi faceted clients. At LHSB we work with and partner a range of like minded professionals to ensure the client requirements are met at every level. We aim to stand out by constantly reviewing and challenging how we can optimise and align cost and service.